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Your own label products developed, manufactured, and delivered by Ideal. Our experts will help you find the Ideal solution.
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“ The products I use are Ocean Plus, Duvet Brite, Chiffon Soft and Emulsifier which all work brilliantly for us – the prices are very good so we’ll keep placing the orders. ”
Lynn, Easywash Laundry

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An independent manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. Ideal has been formulating and producing innovative chemical solutions for a host of industries worldwide since 1980.

Ideal concentrates on the expert development of a comprehensive range of products using intelligent formulation and application chemistry research techniques, rigorous testing and quality control, careful management and a considerate environmental approach.

This ensures that Ideal always provides the best possible quality, service and value for our customers.


Latest Products

Get the funk outta there!

Stop. Wait a minute. Fill the drum put some powder in it… 

Professional Plus (Pp) is a brilliant laundry powder that can replace a whole range of traditional liquid additives. This modern, eco-friendly powder is designed to give a total professional laundry action - even at cool temperatures.

Don’t believe me just wash!

Ideal can supply specialist products and professional technical support for the following industries:

Ideal is firmly established as a major supplier to the commercial and institutional laundry and dry-cleaning industry, through intelligent formulation of the most innovative concepts in laundry technology. We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of powders, liquids, ancillaries, dry-cleaning detergents and spotting agents, combined with reliable service support and cutting edge automatic dispense systems for optimal use of our products.
Ideal has been supplying a range of expert cleaning solutions to the food and beverage industry for nearly thirty years, constantly achieving the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness that the industry demands. We have an impressive existing customer base that manufactures for large retail chains and the fast-food industry.

Ideal has formulated and compiled an exciting portfolio of high quality professional automative cleaning and maintenance products, ranging from anti-mist glass cleaner, bug cleaner, engine cleaner, film remover, bodywork shampoo and wax to vinyl dressing, leather conditioner and upholstery cleaner. We guarantee the cost-effective, consistent high performance of our products.

Ideal has developed an advanced range of quality janitorial products for specific applications: dishwashing, carpet cleaning, floor care, surface cleaners and washroom hygiene. Ideal is committed to continually developing this range. If you have a specific problem that requires an expert solution, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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